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Cast iron butterfly valve | Item 375-376-377 | Omal

Cast iron butterfly valve | Item 375-376-377 | Omal

Macro Butterfly valves
Category Cast iron butterfly valves
Cast iron butterfly valve for mounting between flanges, “Wafer” type

ITEM 375
Body: Cast iron
Butterfly: Cast iron
Liner: see table
ITEM 376
Body: Cast iron
Butterfly: CF8M (316 S.S.)
Liner: see table
ITEM 377
Body: Cast iron
Butterfly: Bronze aluminium
Liner: see table

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Item 375-376-377 butterfly valve - benefits -

1. EN ISO 5211 top mounting
Easy coupling with every kind of drives.

2. Three guiding bushings on the shaft
It grants a perfect alignment of the shaft on the body and prevents oscillations even with high pressure.
Less friction between the shaft and body.

3. Vulcanized liner on rigid ring
Less deformation of the liner
Easy assembly / disassembly of the liner for maintenance
No deformation of the liner between the flanges during assembly
Greater dimensional accuracy during the injection/molding

4. Shaft in 2 pieces without fixing components
Easy assembly / disassembly of the disc for maintenance
Higher Kv thanks to the central section of the disk thinner than a valve with a single shaft

5. Lapped surface of the disc’s circumference
Better tightness and less wear of the liner
Lower torque due to less friction between the disc and liner

Wide range of LINER materials
Various applications possibility

ATEX Certificate
Installation is allowed in a potential explosive environment

PED Certificate
Full compliance with European Safety Standards for Pressure Equipment



OMAL butterfly valves, available in wafer or lug version from DN 40 to DN 600 (lug DN 300), are designed and manufactured to be used in most applications in all industrial fields.
– General requirements in accordance with UNI EN593
– Face to face as per EN 558 series 20
– Tightness at 16 bar according to EN 12266-1 rate A
– Integral sealing (with liner vulcanized on hard ring) which avoids any contact between fluid and valve body.
– Sealing design allowing perfect adherence to the valve body and perfect tightness to the flanges, without additional parts. Clamping between flanges does not influence the torque of the valve.
– Lapped disc edges that allows better tightness, reduced torque and low wear of the liner.
– Bushes to support the shaft.
– Coupling between stem and disc with two shafts (better Kv) carried out with no additional fittings (e.g. screws, bolts, pins, etc.) to avoid any risk of corrosion and breaking.
– Valve neck with top work as per EN ISO 5211 for easy connections with all different types of actuators.
– All components properly treated against corrosion.
OMAL will be free to change all specifications and data included in this catalougue at any time, so as to improve the quality and the performance of its products.

• Standard flanges:
PN 10 – PN 16 – ANSI 150 from DN 40 to DN 300.
PN 10 from DN 350 to DN 600.
• General requirements in accordance with UNI EN593
• Face to face as per EN 558 serie 20
• Valve head as per ISO 5211 ( DN40-DN300 )
• Tightness as per EN 12266-1 rate A
• Other tests on request.
• Operating Temperature of liners:
EPDM: from -25°C to +135°C;
NBR: from -23°C to +82°C;
FKM: from -10°C to +190°C (DN40-DN300);
PTFE (on EPDM core): from -25°C to +150°C (DN40-DN300).
• Working pressure between flanges:
PN 16 bar for DN 40 to DN 300
PN 10 bar for DN 350 to DN 600
• Thickness of epoxy coating: 160 ÷ 200 μ. RAL: 5015.

• Working temperature for special liners:
SILICONE: from -25°C to +160°C;
NBR CARBOX: from -10°C to +82°C;
NBR WHITE for food: from -23°C to +82°C;
HNBR: from -20°C to +120°C
• For other applications, please contact our sales department.


• According to 2014/68/EU “PED”.
• DVGW homologation for gas (V376).
• RINA homologation.
• Conformity to the italian D.M.n°174 suitable with drinking water and alimentary fluid (V376).
• ATEX version in conformity with European Directive 2014/34/EU.
• ATEX certificate on request.

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