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About Us

About Us

We Supply High-Quality Actuators And Valves

Today, PASCAL and with its global business alliance, are well positioned to provide constructive resources and implementation strength that is necessary to realize the ambitions of our client business objective. We bring our clients to the leading edge where they excel at their full capacity, providing the resources that they require along with their business undertakings, and eventually turning every investment into ascendant rewards to their corporate objective and financial expectation.

Proactively Seeking New Solutions

While we are very proud of our past accomplishments, we recognized that history alone does not guarantee future success. We attempt to anticipate market trends and plan to meet the implied new demands. Therefore, we focuses on continuous improvement require constant evaluation of our processes to achieve technology advantages, quality enhancements and cost reductions that can be passed to our valued customers.


Comprehensive Industrial Solutions

At Pascal Control, we offer tailored, high-quality services across various sectors. Our offerings range from distributing process solenoid valves and pneumatic & electrical actuator valves to catering specialized solutions such as mechanical separation systems for palm oil mills. We also design and fabricate custom machinery suitable for a variety of industries. Furthermore, our expertise in flow measurement solutions ensures precise and reliable control for both fluid and gas systems.

Solenoid Valves Distribution

We offer sales, marketing, stocking, and distribution services for process solenoid valves, catering to various industries' needs.

Pneumatic and Electrical Valve Sales

We offer Pneumatic & Electrical Actuator Valve expertise in sales, marketing, stocking, and distribution.

Sludge Separation Systems for Palm Oil Mills

We specialize in palm oil mills' mechanical separation systems, providing efficient sludge processing solutions.

Custom Machine Design & Fabrication

Our team designs and fabricates new machines tailored to the automotive, test equipment, food processing, lubrication plant, rubber glove, and chemical handling industries.

Fluid Flow Measurement Solutions

We provide comprehensive flow measurement products for fluids, including flow transmitters and batching control systems to ensure accurate monitoring and control.

Gas Flow Measurement Systems

Our expertise also extends to complete flow measurement solutions for gas systems, delivering precision and reliability in various applications.

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