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Today, PASCAL and with its global business alliance, are well positioned to provide constructive resources and implementation strength that is necessary to realize the ambitions of our client business objective. We bring our clients to the leading edge where they excel at their full capacity, providing the resources that they require along with their business undertakings, and eventually turning every investment into ascendant rewards to their corporate objective and financial expectation.

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OMAL Products

OMAL offers a complete range of valves, types available – free axis, with lever or activated by our actuators. The OMAL valves are designed and manufactured to meet most of the applications, in all sectors of the industry. In the OMAL catalogue, also a broad range of pneumatic and electric actuators are available in varied measurements and ISO values. For the efficient movement of every type of valve.

We are Sole Distributor for

OMAL Products

OMAL offers a wide valve selection (free axis, lever, or actuator-operated) for various industries, along with pneumatic and electric actuators for precise valve control.

Flomec Products

FLOMEC® products, made in Australia and the US, boast global certifications (NMI, ATEX, FM, IECEx) ensuring safety in critical infrastructure operations.

GPI Products

GPI® offer durable, efficient fuel transfer solutions with various flow rates, factory testing, and strong warranties for long-lasting operations.

UNI-D Products

UNID, based in Taipei since 1988, produces solenoid valves and electric actuators for diverse industries, offering high-quality products with ISO 9001, CE, and CSA certification.

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